What is a Document Repository?

The Document Repository is like an online filing cabinet. It means that a many people in your ministry can have access to the same documents and even edit them. With a Document Repository, you always know that you have the latest version.

Here's Some Basic Steps to Get You Started:

  1. To get access to the Document Repository, you will need to contact it@vision100.org and request a username and password - this may not be the same as your website login.
  2. To browse the Repository, go to http://www.vision100.org/svn/.
  3. To edit a document, open Open Office or Word, click 'File-Open' and type the URL of the document into the 'File Name' box. For example: http://www.vision100.org/svn/Rosters/Roster Prayer Days.doc. When you save this document it will update the online version.* ** ***
  4. You can add files to the document repository, by seleting 'Save As' and then enter the full URL or where you would like to save it, including its document name, eg http://www.vision100.org/svn/Documents/Paper Document File.doc.

Quick Adding and Changing Files and Folders


  1. Select Connect to Server from the Finder's Go menu.
  2. Enter http://www.vision100.org/svn/ as the server address and then click Connect.
  3. To get access to this drive to to Finder-Go-Network.


  1. For Windows (not XP or Vista) go to Network Places and select the option to 'Add a New Network Place.
  2. For Windows XP, go to Control Panel, and then click Network and Internet Connections. Under See Also, click My Network Places. Click Add a network place.***
  3. For Windows Vista, go to Computer and then select 'Add a Network'. ***
  4. Type: http://www.vision100.org:80/svn/.
  5. You can right click this network and Create a Shortcut to put this on your Desktop if you like.

Alternate Instructions for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users: If you are having trouble getting access to the repository using the above method, contact it@vision100.org to access an alternate method for accessing the repository on your computer.  This Alternate method involves installing a piece of software called "NetDrive" to ensure that you have access to the repository.

*Note for Mac users: Before you do this, open 'Terminal' and type in: "defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores true" **Note for Open Office users: Before you do this, go to Tools-Options-General. Under open/save dialogs, select 'Use Open Office dialogs'. ***Note for Windows XP and Vista Users:Search Microsoft’s web site for update KB90730, “Software Update for Web Folders.” Download and install it.

For more detailed things, like adding folders or deleting files you will need to mount a local copy of the Repository. See Guidelines Document Respository or contact it@vision100.org.