Event Date: 
Aug 17 2018 - 1:30pm - Aug 18 2018 - 9:30pm

  • When: 17-18 August 2018
  • Where: The Old Woolstore, 1 Macquarie Street Hobart
  • What: Fully catered, Day conference
  • Cost: Full time: $180 per ticket. Saturday only: $150
  • Information Flyer: Here.

We are all full-time gospel ministers, regardless of whether or not we are being paid for the privledge. The Challenge Conference is a time for all of us as gospel ministers to think through and put into action, the most effective, fruitful and godly way to be serving.

Challenge Conference’s aim is too raise up and support upcoming new leaders (whether into fulltime paid ministry, or into unpaid ministry) and encourage and equip current leaders (elders, deacons, overseers, ministry leaders) to keep going and keep growing in their various ministries (in church and in life). This is the challenge we want to put forward.

If you are travelling in from outside of Hobart and need help organising accommodation, or if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email our Event Manager, Jess Prins, at eventmanager@vision100.org.

Challenge Conference is not providing child care this year, however please check with your local church minister as they may be able to help you with child care options. You are welcome to bring babies along to the conference.

The speakers at Challenge Conference 2018 are Sam Chan & Bernard Cane.

Sam Chan (PhD, TEDS) is a Global citizen - born in Hong Kong, raised in Australia, medical doctor in Sydney, Theology PhD from the USA. He connects with young, postmodern, post-reached, post-Christian audiences.

His book "Preaching as the Word of God" applies speech-act theory to preaching. Sam is currently a public speaker for City Bible Forum. He speaks to high-schoolers and professionals, to seminary students and academics. His topics are evangelism, ethics, preaching, story-telling, and apologetics.

His blog EspressoTheology.com gives a short burst of theology: "from your world to Jesus in 60 seconds."

Bernard Cane is currently the pastor at Good News Christian Church, in Howrah, Tasmania. He is an ordained Minister in the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, and has ministry experience among Presbyterian and Anglican churches, both in Tasmania and Sydney.

Bernard is married to Katie, and together they have four kids.




1:30pm Sermon Bernard Cane # 1 

2:30pm Afternoon tea  

2:45pm Electives 

4:00pm Seminar Sam Chan

5:15pm (Break) 

5:30pm Sermon Bernard Cane # 2 

6:30pm Dinner 

7:30pm Sermon Sam Chan # 1 

8:30pm Challenge Prayer Meeting

9:00pm Supper & Extra Elective 


8:00am Morning Coffee & Extra Elective  

9:30am Sermon Sam Chan # 2  

11:00am Morning Tea 

11:30am Seminar Bernard Cane 

12:30pm Lunch 

1:30pm Ministry Interviews

3:00pm Electives

4:15pm Break

4:30pm Sermon Sam Chan # 3

5:30pm Ministry Network, Sharing & Evaluating 

6:30pm Dinner 

7:30pm Sermon Bernard Cane # 3

 8:30pm Supper & Extra Elective 



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