We are all full-time gospel ministers, regardless of whether or not we are being paid for the privledge. The Challenge Conference is a time for all of us as gospel ministers to think through and put into action, the most effective, fruitful and godly way to be serving.

Challenge Conference’s aim is too raise up and support upcoming new leaders (whether into fulltime paid ministry, or into unpaid ministry) and encourage and equip current leaders (elders, deacons, overseers, ministry leaders) to keep going and keep growing in their various ministries (in church and in life). This is the challenge we want to put forward.


Thanks to those who joined us for Challenge Conference 2018! We trust that you had an encouraging and equipping time.

If you would like to listen to the talks from Challenge Conference 2018, they are now available here.


Please come again next year! 16-17th August 2019 with John Woodhouse and Mikey Lynch

More details to come.

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