Tasmanian Church Planting Conference 2019 Electives


  1. Building Leaders with Scott Sanders: We all know that pastoral ministry is about equipping people for ministry. But how do we do this? This seminar will look at the poetry and the plumbing of building leaders
  2. Signposts, ecosystems, pathways with Derek Hanna: Looking at how you look at how people hear about your church (i.e big events, advertising etc), the pathways you've got in place to help them take the next steps (i.e. pre-evangelism events, christianity explored etc.) and then how the life of the church fits into nurturing people towards Christ-likeness and then mobilising them for mission.
  3. Reasons Why and Lessons Learnt in Church Planting with Paul Matthews & Jordan Scott - Paul and Jordan will discuss practical and theological lessons learnt from their three year old church plant.
  4. The Fight of your Life with David Jones: We have seen some very high profile Christian leaders taken out, in recent times haven`t we?- people we have looked up to and admired, exposed for living a lie, for failing to practice what they preach. It`s a real danger in ministry. You can be so carried along by the sheer momentum of your ministry that you don`t have time to stop and examine yourself. Paul says to Timothy-“Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”– 1 Timothy 4:16. You might have your doctrine right but if you yourself are not right with the Lord, you are setting yourself up for a fall. Full time ministry is such a dangerous place, because it is just so easy to fool yourself that you are serving God, but just because you are working with the gospel doesn`t mean the gospel is working on you. This elective explores ways in which we can win the fight against sin and temptation in our own lives and avoid the danger of self deception. And so “save both ourselves and our hearers”
  5. Persevering with Joy in Ministry with Steve Nicholson: I’ll share briefly my own story in ministry before turning to the Book of Hebrews to highlight the vital importance of developing a well-grounded trinitarian spirituality to survive and thrive in ministry. 
  6. Are You Smashing Your Social? With Christine Jolly: Many churches shun social media or don't understand how to use the media well. Months go by between posts and then there's a funny in-joke gif of Pastor Simon at the last family picnic. Is it just a space to post your recorded sermons for your congregation? Or is it the "new front door" your church uses to welcome people from your community into your church family? Do they feel like they know you already and immediately feel at home when they try you out their first Sunday?