At a recent IT training night talking about Elvanto, a question arose about being able to export running sheets to Excel.

The basic problem is that Elvanto's running sheet format is quite rigid, and it's difficult to do things like put the Bible reading next to the person doing the Bible reading.

While there isn't an officially supported way to do this, there is a way to export a running sheet in Elvanto and then modify it in Excel.

In order to achieve this, print the running sheet, and in the top left, choose "Web Page" in Output.  Choose all the options you normally would and then click print.  At this point, you should have a web page opened in the browser with the running sheet showing.  You'll then need to right-click anywhere on the page and choose "Save As..." (in Chrome, in other browsers, could be something like Save Page As..), then save the page to a known location, like your Desktop or My Documents.

After that, open Excel and choose  "Open..", choosing the file you saved in the previous step.  You may get a warning about a missing file, which you can safely ignore, but from there, you can move things around, change the format, add or delete rows as you need, and then print it.

This will also work with Word, in which case the last step should be to open the file in Word instead of Excel.