Last November the Vision 100 IT Team 'board' (Christian de Kievit, Mikey Lynch, Jason Imms and Alan Reader) went away for a night and a day to think through what is in store for the future of Vision 100 IT.

There was lots of coffee, unhealthy snacks and we filled a whiteboard with Mikey's illegible handwriting ten times over. Out the end we figured out a way forward for the Vision 100 IT Team. We believe we are doing something unique that can serve not only The Vision 100 Network, but churches and ministries across Tasmania and Australia!

Some important objectives for the Vision 100 IT Team were discussed:

  1. We were able to really clarify what we are really good at and passionate about as the Vision 100 IT team
    1. We are passionate about philosophy of use, not just about providing a 'product', but training churches to use IT really well for the ministry of the gospel.
    2. We are uniquely equipped to help small churches and ministries that don't have the people or the money to provide top quality, sustainable IT.
    3. We are committed to mobilising a network of IT volunteers in churches to serve a wider network of churches.
  2. What we are hoping and praying to do next
    1. We want to begin working really really hard to train in our IT philosophy every chance we get: in our emails, IT Team Sprints, Training Nights and over social media.
    2. We want to tighten up our systems and core services (such as perfecting modules for websites, setting up smooth event registration and payment) so that we can be super efficient and deliver really awesome stuff for churches in a shorter time frame.
    3. We are gathering financial support to enable us to employ a 'Client Manager' 2-3 days a week to help us find more churches we can serve, and help us serve our existing churches better.
    4. Improve the quality and professionalism of our biannual IT Training Nights - covering topics like 'Church Database Software' and 'Using Social Media Well'.
    5. Start running quarterly Client Orientation Sessions to equip ministry leaders in our churches know how to use the basic IT stuff, like upload sermons on their website, or add people to the mailing list.
  3. We also dreamed about other things we could do
    1. Producing an app that could allow different churches to pull in information from all the different missionaries and organisations that they support to help them best support them in an integrated way.
    2. Eventually organising a National Church IT Conference.
    3. Providing a basic portable AV pack for church conferences to make it easy for them to do powerpoint, sound and sermon recording.
    4. Help churches get access to really good graphic design and video design from volunteers and Christian design companies - and help them communicate really productively with these designers to get what will help the church without burning out designers in the process.

A lot has changed in the last 12 months, but we're still excited about the opportunities that this vision presents.  Some of these things have happened and our IT Training nights are a high quality presentation, and useful for churches.  We've also made a lot of progress on moving towards having a "Client Manager".

If you want to know any more about what we're trying to do with Vision 100 IT, or for any other reason, let us know at