Our God calls us all to be passionate ministers of the gospel. Some of us do this in a paid 'full time' kind of a way. Others do it in, by and through some other full time job. Still others mix and match. But whilst some currently do one of the above, they can't help but wonder whether they should be doing one of the others.

Regardless of which camp you sit in, Challenge Conferences are for you! We want to challenge you to minister passionately in whichever context the Lord has called you to. But we also want to challenge you to dream. Maybe there are ways you could minister that you never before thought possible. We want to feed and nourish such dreams and maybe even help you make them realities!

These are just some of the reasons why the Challenge Conference is the conference of the year. If you want the other reasons, then you'll have to come and experience them for yourself.

Challenge Premium

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Challenge City

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