Your website is not just a big library of stuff. It is also a shopfront. Using a website well, means figuring out which stuff you want to jump out to people when they visit it. This is called 'featured content'.

There are some simple ways to do this on your website, and if you get stuck, just email for help!

  • Have an automatic 'current content' area: We normally set up websites to have the most recent sermon appear somewhere on the front page of your website. This ensures that there is always something new there every week!
  • Have a blog / twitter feed: this means that some more regular content can appear on the front page of your website, that keeps getting updated.
  • Set up a rotating series of banner advertisements: see for example the Soul Church website. This means you can regularly choose which important events or resources you want to draw attention to.
  • Add a custom banner/footer strip or pop-up window for a special event: we don't recommend doing this too often, but for super-special events, you can get a strip running along the top or bottom of your website (or in a pop-up window) alerting people to this special event.

How would you like to feature stuff on your website? Email today if you would like help doing one of these things or something else entirely!