Apprentice Training Sessions are held on Thursdays, 12-2pm at the Wellspring Loft.

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No training in January

February Intro & Leadership Month

1/02/2018 Orientation with Mikey Lynch

8/02/2018 Being part of a Ministry Team with Mikey Lynch

15/02/2018 Daily Disciplines of a Pastor with Campbell Markham

22/02/2018 How to Manage your time/set goals with Campbell Markham

March Bible Study Month

1/03/2018 Intro to Biblical Hermeneutics with Dan Shepheard

8/03/2018 Biblical & Systematic Theology with Graham sayer

15/03/2018 Habits of a Healthy Leader Webinar

22/03/2018 Intro to Greek with Dave Lynch

29/03/2018 Unpacking a Bible Passage with Dan Shepheard

April Prayer & Godliness Month

5/04/2018 MTS TRAINING DAY #1

12/04/2018 OT History - the First 1000 Years (part 1) with Jake Tuit

19/04/2018 Holiness Online with Tom Pugh

26/04/2018 Bible Translations with Graham Sayer

May Thinking Theologically Month

3/05/2018 Thinking Theologically about the Resurrection with Phil Ninness

10/05/2018 The Relationship between the OT & NT with Phil Ninness

17/05/2018 Thinking Theologically about Christian Political Opinions with Christine Jolly

24/05/2018 Thinking Theologically about Christian Self-Help Literature with Christine Jolly

31/05/2018 Slogans of the Reformation with Victor Shaw

June Relationships in Ministry Month

7/06/2018 Service Leading with Andy Maskell

14/06/2018 Ministry of the Pew with Keith VanderSchoor

21/06/2018 Youth & Kids Ministry with Keith VanderSchoor

28/06/2018 Men & Women in Ministry with Julia King & Paul Kupke

No training in July


2/08/2018 Circle of 5 with Jess Prins

9/08/2018 'Pauls advice to a young Christian worker' with Stuart Coulton and Jess Prins


23/08/2018 Romans 1/2 with Mikey Lynch

30/08/2018 Romans 2/2 with Mikey Lynch

September Evangelism & World Mission Month

6/09/2018 The history of Apologetics with Victor Shaw

13/09/2018 Answering Questions Evangelistically with Aaron Johnstone

20/09/2018 MTS TRAINING DAY #2

27/09/2018 Being confident in sharing your faith with Wilbur Longbottom

October Teaching the Bible Month

4/10/2018 Illustrations and Application in Preaching with Dan Shepheard

11/10/2018 Speaking to the Heart with Paul Kupke

18/10/2018 Do's & Don'ts of Teaching the Bible with Paul Kupke

25/10/2018 Public Holiday

November Training Others in Ministry Month


8/11/2018 Forging friendships for Eternity with Julia King

15/11/2018 Congregational Dynamics with Bernard Cane

22/11/2018 Doing yourself out of a job with Mikey Lynch

29/11/2018 End of Year Party!

No training in December