Sam Chan & Bernard Cane will be speaking on 'Excellence in Ministry'

Sam Chan (PhD, TEDS) is a Global citizen - born in Hong Kong, raised in Australia, medical doctor in Sydney, Theology PhD from the USA. He connects with young, postmodern, post-reached, post-Christian audiences.

His book "Preaching as the Word of God" applies speech-act theory to preaching. Sam is currently a public speaker for City Bible Forum. He speaks to high-schoolers and professionals, to seminary students and academics. His topics are evangelism, ethics, preaching, story-telling, and apologetics.

His blog gives a short burst of theology: "from your world to Jesus in 60 seconds."

Sam Chan will be giving three talks from 2 Cor 5 and Philippians as well as a seminar on 'Evangelism for the 21st Century': How to tell the news about Jesus to a world that is post-Christian, post-churched, and post-reached.


Bernard Cane is currently the pastor at Good News Christian Church, in Howrah, Tasmania. He is an ordained Minister in the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, and has ministry experience among Presbyterian and Anglican churches, both in Tasmania and Sydney.

Bernard is married to Katie, and together they have four kids.

Bernard will be giving three talks from 1 Cor 12-14 as well as a seminar on 'Outreach: moving beyond deadlock in personal conversations': That prickly topic comes up in conversation, and suddenly conversation stops dead. We can all think of evangelists who would have (magically?) turned that dead-end into an avenue for the gospel. How do they do it? This seminar walks you through some steps to re-frame hot-button issues in light of the gospel, both for our own benefit and to help us contribute to persuasive evangelistic conversations.