Multi-cultural teams with Luke H and Panel

Our cities, churches and ministries are increasingly characterised by cultural diversity. As a result, many of us find ourselves (or will find ourselves) working as part of (or leading) a multi-ethnic team. We hope this elective will send you on your way towards understanding how to help multi-ethnic teams thrive. Drawing from the experience of a multi-ethnic panel there will be the opportunity to learn from and question those who have come from a different ethnic background to you.

Work Rest and Play with Mikey Lynch

In this elective, Mikey will be drawing on some of the content from his recently published book The Good Life in the Last Days to help us think about the ethics of duty and joy, work and rest. The elective will include both practical advice, but also the theological underpinnings of all the hows and whys.

Getting Training Going in our Congregations with Stephen Carnaby

Most of us will think it’s a good (biblical) idea to train people in our congregations for ministry.  So, how do we move from thinking it’s a good idea to actually doing it?

This elective will look at the accelerators and speedhumps for getting training going in a local church.  It will also look at the variety of ways you can implement that training, from formal courses to 1-1 mentoring and modelling.

Stephen Carnaby is the Director of Ministry Development for the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania.  His role includes overseeing and resourcing the training of ministry leaders.  He has previously been a local church leader in 3 Tasmanian churches over 17 years, equipping people for ministry.



Friday Night

Ministry Relationships with Chris Stafferton

So, you are thinking of ministry, or someone has said you should think about it: but what is it like? A wonderful, fulfilling job that makes up for the low pay? A kingdom-centred vocation that will help you to make a difference? A nightmare where all your dreams of living the life will be wasted ... Let’s look at what John meant when he wrote: “Jesus, however, would not entrust Himself to them, since He knew them all and because He did not need anyone to testify about man; for He Himself knew what was in man.” John 2:24-25 

Elective handout

Saturday Morning

Responding to Red Crosses with Phil Ninness

How do we respond to insult and injustice? As we live in a culture that is increasingly hostile towards Christians and Christian things it is increasingly important that we know how to respond as Christians in a Christ like manner.  This is especially true when our responses can be so immediate through media and social media platforms.  How do we cultivate a Christian knee jerk reaction to suffering?  In this elective I want to examine 47 Responses to Suffering from the book of 1 Peter - the go to book for battered believers.

Saturday Night

Preaching with Samuel Green

Preaching is an important part in the life of a church. It encourages, gives hope, rebukes, glorifies God and calls people to salvation. We need to work at doing it well. Samuel Green has been giving and listening to sermons for a long time and will be sharing his wisdom as to how to make our sermons serve the church.