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Vision 100 IT is in the cloud

Just wanted to keep you updated on some exciting developments for Vision 100 IT, we've now moved all of our websites to the cloud, specifically Amazon EC2 services, which you can now say that your churches/ministries are cloud-hosted.  That should keep you going with geek-cred for at least the next few months ;)
What does it mean?
  • From your end, logging in, adding sermons etc., nothing should change, and hopefully you should see no change to the running of your websites.  If you have do have any issues in the next short while, please send us an email at
  • Things like NBN works cutting cables, servers blowing up etc. will not affect us in the same way they used to, as your websites are hosted in a secure environment with Amazon taking care of power failures etc.  We're also backing up more completely and regularly this way.
Big thanks to all the Vision 100 IT team members 
If you have any questions at all, please let us know at

New V100IT Website - Kingston Reformed Church


Recently, V100IT launched a new website for our newest client Christian Reformed Church of Kingston!

You can visit this website at

It contains our latest ideas on sermons, events and published documents.

Check out some of our other websites:


Podcasting now available


The Vision 100 IT team has recently added the ability to Podcast into our arsenal of tools.

What does this mean for you? Everyone is podcasting. It has become a mainstream way of distributing audio and video content, and is definitely something your church members will take advantage of. It’s a great way to keep your member and others who can’t be with you up to speed with your current preaching series.

You can email and request the addition of podcasting to your church website. We’ll set it up for you and organise a podcasting account with iTunes on the Apple music store.

What is Podcasting? Podcasting is a way that frequent listeners of your sermons online can conveniently download sermon audio as regularly as it’s uploaded to your Church website. It works by providing what is called a feed (notification that the latest sermon has been uploaded) to listeners via iTunes. iTunes can automatically download new sermons available for playing back from a computer, or can be transferred to iPads, iPods and iPhones or another mp3 device to be listened to later.

For an example of how podcasting works, check out


Request Facebook icon and website banner designs for your conferences and missions


When you are planning the flier and poster design for your upcoming conferences and evangelistic missions, make sure you give a full design brief to the person who will be doing your posters. Don't just ask for a flier and a poster but also request:

  • Facebook icon
  • Website banner - to run along the bottom of your website page
  • Website button - to link to the main event page from your front page or sidebar
  • Organise someone to take photos that you can post on Facebook afterwards

Really top quality blog templates for only $60


If you are willing to pay just a little bit up front, you can ask the Vision 100 IT Team to install a professionally designed site to replace your current web design. We can keep all the same content and images, just update the shape and feel of the site. Take a browse through , Template Monster and if you find something you like, email and we'll help you hook it up. Most only cost $60 to buy, so it's well worth it.

Using Views to Automatically Display Content on Your Website


Your website uses a special thing called a 'view' to display things. The most obvious example of this is your Calendar View, which displays all your 'Event' content. Views are a quick, relatively automatic way to make sure stuff appears on your website where you want it to. Here are some ways you can use views on your website:

  1. Views can replace pages altogether. So rather than creating a page, you can create a type of view called a 'Page View' and then tell it what URL it is to have, and what menu position it is to have. For example
  2. Views can also be displayed as a part of page, by typing '' (x=name of the view). For example, 'Latest Sermon' here
  3. Views can also be created as 'Blocks' so that you can put them in in a particular spot on another web page (like a sidebar). For example, both the calendar in the right sidebar and the sermons in the left sidebar here

More information about Views, including how you can create a page that displays all the sermons, dates and Bible studies for a sermon series can be found in Guidelines for Adding and Editing Content here.

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We will give you the latest news about Vision 100 IT resources, as well as occasional advice about how best to use your websites and other IT resources.

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